Converting an InfoPath Filler Form to a Web Based InfoPath Form

So, I’ve been working on an InfoPath form that was passed down to me and originally created as a Filler form. I finally completed it and needed to publish it, but there was a problem; its a filler form not a web based form. So, I had to reconfigure the form to work in a web browser and not try to launch in InfoPath filler.

The first step was to change the form to a Web Browser Form by going to the File tab > Form Options

InfoPath Options Menu

Next, you’ll want to go into the Compatibility section of the Form Options menu

InfoPath Compatibility Settings

The final step involves the publishing settings. Even though we’ve set the form to be a Web Browser Form you’ll still need to modify one more setting found in File >> Publish >> SharePoint Server

Publish to SharePoint Server Button

Now, after you enter the URL of the site you are publishing to click Next then on the next screen in the wizard select Enable this form to be filled out by using a browser

InfoPath Publishing Settings

Finally, finish completing the publish as you normally would and your form should be ready to go. You only have to set these settings once too, after this you’ll just have to click the Quick Publish button.

Hope this helps, as always if you have any suggestions to improve this let me know!

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